The Start of Cricket's Demise

The Start of Cricket's Demise

At the very thought of it, one could laugh. When does cricket end? You might say it's impossible.


At one point, it was believed that all significant innovations in science, technology, and thought were unstoppable. At this point in history, cricket also stands as a symbol of national participation. They are attacking its fort. People are clearly alienated from this King of the games, even if only momentarily.


What I saw was by no means close to the hoopla that a global event like the World Cup would generate. Definitely questionable was the level of enthusiasm. Beyond this incident, it's intriguing to understand how and why we got to this point.


Everyone is aware that this sporting icon has long dominated public opinion and hearts and minds. Crazy supporters, conversations that continue long after games are ended, the vividness of what happens on the field, frustration over failures, joyous celebrations of wins as though they were personal triumphs, and all that.


The same phenomenon happens to anything that is carried to its illogical extreme. Is one of the causes of this schooling. or the people receiving the blessing of sensibility. the gradual but steady spread of sports like hockey, tennis, and others. the countless activities that provide individuals alternatives to viewing and engaging in activities other than cricket, or a mix of all of them. To glamourize football, some media behemoths, like Zee Sports, are investing up to Rs. 500 crore.


After India's defeat, the anger and fury that were shown drew harsh criticism. There was also a widespread rumor that it had been staged by the enormous number of bettors who had lost enormous sums of money. Otherwise, it immediately appeared as though Indians lacked competitiveness. burning the players' effigies, attacking their homes, and other absurd actions. Cricket had evolved into a religion where it hurt when the gods failed. And it was absurd to elevate this game to such a level. At once, people's excessive attachment to the game astounded them. One can clearly see the over-hype when all of this is taken into account, along with the fact that I previously mentioned that people now have a variety of options.


This also has significant implications for marketers. Of course, the Time Zone issue prevented the FMCG titans from participating this time. However, marketers and advertisers are quickly realizing the benefits of targeting certain games and activities where the target audience's attention can be grabbed in a more focused manner than cricket, where it is completely scattered unless the spending is large enough to buy enormous ad spaces. In reality, it may seem like a rather inevitable choice for marketers with limited resources, but these marketers will eventually establish alternative sports in India. These events have the ability to draw niche audiences with quite different interests from those of a conventional cricket match.


It's also important to do a detailed investigation of the factors that contributed to cricket's popularity, including the game's rules and the psychology of its players. It is difficult to imagine that giving lesser mortals (read: football, hockey, and so on) the same level of attention and hoopla will bring cricket to that level.


CRICKET will always exist. It won't survive if its hideous face is removed. and gaining a great number of siblings along the road.

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