IPL Celebration and Cricket Tragic!

The third iteration of the Indian Premier League (IPL) made it clear and complicated that large money has long been a significant component in Indian cricket. And a tragedy in cricket was amplified in some way.


The transparent purchasing agreements with the cricketers make it clear. All of Team India's A-list athletes, retired legends, and ex-players received payments that make fun of test and future cricket money. The clarity of the eight franchises' purchase agreements is what makes it clear.


Recovering the money that franchisees have invested or spent is challenging. There are no formal regulations about such agreements, although they are meant to be split between them and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) in terms of gate money, broadcast rights sales, stadium advertisements, branding or co-branding, and everything else. When Pune and Kochi, two additional franchises or teams, were bought in 2010 for stratospheric sums that nearly doubled the amount that looked "realistic," things became much more convoluted. It was "unexpected," according to former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi.


They were known as "prestige" deals by the buyers. They all naturally desire a ride filled with glitz, attention, hype, and sleaze, but they will never choose to lose their hard-earned money. Hence, the secret plan.


Up until the third iteration of the IPL, the hidden agenda remained a secret. This time, the involvement of an Indian government minister who was ultimately made to quit blew the lid. Following a barrage of insults exchanged between Modi and the minister, the BCCI swiftly severed ties with Modi, important documents and files vanished, past cricketers were accused, and the situation became so hazy that Lalit Modi was fired by the BCCI as soon as the IPL-3 final was over.


All of the side deals, payoffs, kickbacks, and betting came to light. Naturally enough, with a billion-dollar industry.


Because of the intense pressure and politics, it is complicated. The owners must motivate the players to perform, handle team selection issues, adjust the batting order and bowling order based on performance, address fitness issues, and keep cricket fans hooked on the "shows" in order for the players to justify the money spent on them and produce returns to the owners.


And soon, huge money takes total control. As we've already seen, wealth corrupts and spoils. Genuine cricket-related issues and cricket enthusiasts are put on hold. A cricketing tragedy has been looming since the start of the IPL in 2008, and it is now quite noticeable.

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