Cricket betting guide: How to bet on cricket and what are the different types of markets?

Cricket betting guide: How to bet on cricket and what are the different types of markets?


Betting on cricket is not very different from betting on other sports. The bettor can place a wager on a match outcome along with other markets specific to the game, using odds provided by the bookmaker. Check this cricket betting guide out! 


Outcome of the match

Simply choose which side will win the match. This can be by intuition, form or conditions. It's fairly routine and the same format as any other sport. 


Top hitter

Again, this is fairly routine. You select the batter who will score the most runs per round or in the game. This can be divided into three markets: top hitter in the game, top hitter for Team A, and top hitter for Team B. 


Top Pitcher

The same process requires the maximum bowler, simply select the bowler who will knock down the most wickets. This can be split into three markets: top bowler of the match, top bowler of Team A and top bowler of Team B. 




Farewell modes

Bettors can bet on the main method of walk-off during a match. There will be odds on batters being knocked down, caught, run over, struck out or any other method. 


Runs scored

This can be during a complete over or a specific period of the match. For example, in Test match, a player can place a bet on the number of runs he will score in the opening over and so on for the 10 wickets. However, it can also be used for the number of runs scored in a particular session. In shorter cricket formats, popular markets include the number of runs that can be scored when fielding restrictions are applied in the early stages of the match. 


Wickets lost

This can follow the same pattern as runs scored, but replacing runs with wickets. When will the first wicket fall or how many wickets will fall in a period of the game?


Man of the Match

As with any sporting event, there is a market for man of the match. Simply choose the player you think will be the man of the match from the available odds. 


Betting strategy for the three competition formats


We will now guide you through what you need to know about each format of the game, as there are big differences in style and players competing. 




Test match betting strategy

This is the oldest and still the most important format of the game. It is a true test of quality over five days. The best players in the world are chosen and cricket fans at a glance should know which ones will dominate the match days during the event. For example, for England's matches, Joe Root, Alastair Cook, Jonny Bairstow, Ben Stokes, Stuart Broad and James Anderson will all play key roles.


In our previous breakdown for the top batsman betting markets, Root, Cook and Bainstow featured at the top of the list with the lowest odds.  They are the team's most prominent players and have done a great job for several years for the 'three lions' in Test match stadiums. However, there are circumstances that can affect the odds backing them such as form or pitch conditions. Some players do better in familiar surroundings, while others respond well on the road.  


While Root has been an important player for England, showing consistency on the line, he has struggled to sign big scores. Therefore, it would be unwise to back him with the best score of the match. Cook has struggled with consistency, but has the ability to generate a lot of turnovers or tackles. There is always a decision to weigh when making a bet and most of it can be purely a hunch. 


The same goes for pitchers. Anderson is dominant with England and has responded well on the road lately. The odds on him leading the wicket at home are low, while he has higher ones if the match is played in India, where the pitch is better suited to spin than fastballs. 


In Test matches, the conditions are becoming more decisive, as the teams that travel abroad struggle to win. England are very solid at home, but have not won on the road since beating Bangladesh in 2016. That will be reflected in their odds. For Test matches, more so than other formats, conditions are crucial in deciding the outcome in the betting markets on the board. England are strong at home and should be considered the favorites for most of their series, including next year's Ashes.