India's T20I match is suspended amid ODI training and Test frenzy

Indicated by "Broadcaster ko bhi sahi cheez dikhana chahiye" (The broadcaster should show things with context).

That abrupt burst of Hindi in the middle of a press conference that was primarily in English encapsulated Rohit Sharma's complaint. After scoring his 30th ODI century, Rohit expressed frustration with the marketing spin that he had just scored his "first ODI century in three years" when, in reality, he had only played in 17 ODIs since his previous century. Rohit wasn't truly without an ODI hundred for three years; the world watching him was. You could blame the pandemic, his terrible ailments, or just more 20-over competitions in light of back-to-back T20 World Cups.

This three-match T20I series feels out of place because it is scheduled nine months before an ODI World Cup. More pressingly, a showpiece four-Test series against Australia is approaching, which will basically determine the World Test Championship's champions. Nevertheless, here we are on the verge of a series that feels like finger food before the main course but holds the promise of opportunities - opportunities for both teams to look at players who are ready to take over and for players to look at themselves after what could have been a jaded wait in the wings.

Therefore, there is a willing Prithvi Shaw ready to enter and show his mettle for every Virat Kohli who has been rested for the series. Similar to how there is a Shivam Mavi for every Mohammed Shami. There are also Finn Allen and Ben Lister quietly simmering on the sidelines for every Kane Williamson and Tim Southee. Due to their desire to assemble a team and culture in preparation for the 2024 World Cup, new captains Hardik Pandya and Mitchell Santner should take advantage of the three upcoming T20 Internationals.

Despite this, there is no doubt that these T20 matches will occasionally be regarded in the context of ODIs. How much diving and bowling should Hardik Pandya do to avoid missing the World Cup in nine months? Furthermore, as is clear, the series will take place in the shadow of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, with frequent and obsessive talk about Australia's chances—or lack thereof—not entirely off the table. But if you cut that out and narrow your attention, you'll have the amazing chance to see two cutting-edge teams at work.

When: January 27, 2023 from 7PM IST

Where: India v New Zealand, 1st T20I, JSCA International Stadium Complex, Ranchi

What to expect: There were many MS Dhoni t-shirts in the audience. This venue has only held three T20 Internationals, with the most recent one being a rematch between India and New Zealand in 2021. On that occasion, the sluggish pitch was highlighted by the cutters of Tim Southee and Harshal Patel, but India has played on far better surfaces this season, so something similar could be anticipated in Ranchi. At this location, beware the large boundaries.

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